Handmade Contemporary Rooftop Fair – by Stylish Design

Handmade Contemporary Rooftop Fair – by Stylish Design

NATIVE DÉCOR — Vusani Ravele

Creates quirky, functional and innovative products using sustainable timber. The minimalist style is inspired by our country.

How did you start your business?
I’ve always had an artistic side, but the seed was planted when my girlfriend bought mea cordless drill. I couldn’t stop drilling holes in things. I bought a CNC machine to forge detailed timber products. I was forced to design in 2D and think out of the box about creating 3D objects. I was on M-Net’s Shark Tank TV show as the first entrepreneur to benefit from an investment deal with my business partner Gil Oved, of The Creative Counsel.

How does design improve lives?
Designing things helps our minds become more fluid and open. It makes us happy.

Best thing about your material?
Wood is forgiving, with amazing textures.

Other designers and our beautiful country.

Design philosophy?
If I can’t have fun making it, it’s not worthwhile

Favourite piece from your collection?
A tie between Jerry, the giraffe wine holder, and the round magazine rack.

Best seller?
The wine holder range.

Reaction to your products?
People are fascinated by minimalist style.

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