mirror (noun)
a surface typically of glass coated with a metal amalgam, which reflects a clear image.

As the day gathers momentum over the Sheesh Mahal (Palace of Mirrors), you hear the mesmerizing call of the imam inviting for morning prayers. Twinkling in the rays of the early sun, each finely cut mirror, blue, amber, clear, glistens, evoking a radiant enigma. By night a panorama of intricately placed mirrors, reflecting an entire galaxy of grandeur, a romantic gesture, a depiction
of love.

Playing with light and movement, mirrors perform as versatile and decorative additions in our homes. With the most functional placement being within a bathroom or above a dressing table, strategic placement of a beautifully decorative mirror can bring interest and drama to any space.

A mirror positioned in a living space not only provides a focal point or an aesthetic element but can also gracefully alter proportions. It can transform a small dark living space to feel large and illuminated by allowing natural light, however little, bounce around the room and create an illusion of more space.

Physical placement of the mirror compels us to consider what it is we are reflecting. Opposite a window, we bring in nature, the outdoors, whimsical movement. Through a mirror we gain ability to spot artwork or a framed family portrait from an awkward corner or a glimpse of the next room. In some cultures it is believed that mirrors not only reflect what is in front of it but also reflects energies of the space where they are placed.

When contemplating size and shape, the vast options lend themselves to unlimited possibilities. Whilst the reflection is the most obvious function, the frame can make a substantial impact visually and serve as a pieces of art. The Native Decor Farmhouse Mirror leaned against a wall, as part of a styled console table, provides a backdrop for vases, candles and other art whilst gloating in its own glory. The Native Decor Mini Round Mirrors placed in clusters on an expansive wall, boast texture, sculpture and unconventional statements. The Native Decor Full Length Rounded Rect Mirror with its slight frame stationed in the entrance way to your home serves the space in many ways. A quick glance at your look before you exit your abode, throwing back light into this cumbersome space or just to bring a little elegance to this area.

Mirrors have the ability to complete a room with their uniqueness, enhance a space through shape and size and influence the ambiance of your home.