Native Decor Home Accessories – by Ask Ashe

Native Decor Home Accessories – by Ask Ashe

I love stories of people setting up their own businesses which were borne out of passion – especially when it’s a side hustle to fuel that passion and it ends up being so damn cool!

Native Decor is one such business which was started by owner Vusani Ravele last year and he has not let anything get in his way – even enthusiastically buying a CNC machine and setting it up in his living room! Most people would think this is mad, but if you look at the pieces he’s created, I’m not surprised he went for it – I loved everything on his website and the clean, minimalist design of each piece appeals to me big time.

Wine holders, coasters, lights and coffee pod holders are designed with heaps of personality and strong attention to detail, using exotic & beautiful species of timber, often fused with perspex. The design process is executed with the help of a draughtsman and as most of their pieces come flat packed, a geat deal of work has gone into the design, with puzzle-like pieces joining together to make up these beautiful decor items, which are then individually finished by hand.

You can tell that Vusani loves what he does – I received his beautiful coffee pod holder made from the most beautiful wood and the precision of the piece means that the pods are skilfully held in position, so that they now look like they are part of a cool art display – I love it!

So, if you’re after a beautifully unique piece for your home, which is made here in SA with love, my recommendation is Native Decor – you can shop online and have it delivered to your door, or send a gift instead of a bunch of flowers to someone!

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