3 Exhibitors we’re looking forward to seeing at Kamers

3 Exhibitors we’re looking forward to seeing at Kamers

Kamers Vol Geskenke is coming up this weekend , from the 25-29 April 2018 at St David’s Marist Inanda in Sandton and we’re excited to see what it has in-store. We’re so excited thought it might be a good idea to share with you guys our excitement and also  which exhibitors we are looking forward to seeing.

South African artist and photographer, Amor Coetzee is the creative behind Dayfeels. She says on her website that her work stems from a deep appreciation for the landscape, the ocean and the properties of water.She creates some beautiful illustrations which you can also wear (I want them all) and ceramics which are just stunning, there is a special care that is evident in all of her work.



Native Décor
Native Décor is the brainchild of Vusani Ravele, the brand says on their site that they create visually pleasing products that are both innovative and functional using sustainable timber. We love the uncomplicated accessories and home décor.

Greyroom Artisan Weaving 

Grey Room is weaving studio that creates hand woven products such as wall hangings, rugs and carpets. Jonette Schoeman, the creative brains behind Greyroom mentions on her website that to her weaving is an adventure, with the excitement of exploring new textures and patterns with every piece she makes.

Will you be making your way to Kamers? Are there any  exhibitors you’re excited to see? Share with us in the comments.

Hope to see you there.


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