How to choose the right mirror

How to choose the right mirror

Mirrors have the potential to enhance your home and we have some ideas on how you can make the most of them.

A well-styled home will always incorporate the magic of mirrors. The trick is in knowing where and how to use which types of mirrors. Think natural light and the many ways in which you can add depth or definition to an otherwise uninspired wall space. We’ve put together a practical guide that will take the hassle out of transforming your home. 


Begin with the end in mind. Do you want to add volume to your room or simply reflect your favourite view? Once you have a goal in mind, choosing the wall where to place the mirror becomes much easier. If you’ve already identified a wall that needs attention then work with that and decide whether your room needs to grow or simply needs a showpiece to enhance and compliment your meticulously styled room. 


A stylish mirror should compliment your existing setting and also serve your main goal for the room that you are decorating.

  • If you’re going for a rustic theme, you might want to consider a mirror frame with a distressed or whitewashed look to it.
  • A thin, sleek framed or even frameless mirror would work best in a modern room or as a bathroom mirror.
  • Ornate mirrors with elaborate patterns and curves are well-suited to the more classic and vintage style of home. 

Choosing the right shape will most likely help you reach your style goals more effectively than any other factor.

  • A long mirror usually stretches the room out as the eye travels along its length.
  • Incorporating a round mirror means that you will almost always add a pleasing softness to the area without disrupting the existing flow of the room. Round mirrors, particularly the frameless variety, also lend themselves well as bathroom mirrors as they blend seamlessly into the safe and intimate environment of a bathroom.
  • Unusual shapes such as a dome shaped mirror, popsicle, rounded rectangle, or pill-shaped mirror add a bit of fun to a room and when placed appropriately, their effectiveness multiplies as a set of 2 or 3 mirrors.

The size of your mirror/s matters. If you go too small, your mirror might disappear and look misplaced on its own, Go too big and you end up creating an unwanted focal point in the room.

  • If your goal is to go small, then you have some options. You can have 3 or more of the same size arranged as you please.
  • If you want a feature wall then going for a set of different sized mirrors always does the trick.
  • Sometimes bigger is better and if that’s the case, choose a mirror that will be big enough to open the space up while also blending in a bit such as a frameless mirror.
  • Perhaps you just want an in-between sized mirror that can serve just about any purpose. You can’t go wrong with a 60cm round mirror or a 1m long mirror depending on your style goal. 

The options are unlimited when it comes to your arrangement. Even the unconventional can work depending on how the rest of your room is set up.

  • Avoid using small mirrors on a large wall.
  • Try grouping mirrors of various shapes, sizes, and colours.
  • If you have your own designs in mind, ask your mirror salesperson if they would be willing to accommodate your requirement as most places are able to at least look into this sort of request.
  • Most importantly, have fun and take your time with this process!

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