Your 5 step guide on how to create a homey home office

Your 5 step guide on how to create a homey home office

Today’s compact-living places a great amount of emphasis on effective space usage. This is a 5 step guide on how to create a homey home office and still perform at your peak. Here we go:

Step 1

Location, location, location

Generally, out of the way and against a wall is a good start. Corners add a sense of structure as well as potential space to hang things up. If you’re lucky enough to find some wall space near a window, it may serve you well to have a view to the outside world, and take in some fresh air to regulate your stress levels as you get on with it. If you live with your family or a house mate, consider setting up away from the daily hustle and bustle. A spare room or even your own bedroom are very common options.

Step 2

The drawing board

A simple drawing of your ideal layout will help you cover all your bases and consider your movements and how to integrate your home life with your work life. Creating good flow around your work area is also about workplace safely for you and those you may be living with. An injury at home while on the clock could have legal implications for your employer.


Step 3

The perfect desk and chair

Truth be told, there is no such thing! But you can get pretty close. Whether you decide on a practical portable leaning desk that can be placed against the wall or a simple desk that stands on all fours, be sure that it serves your purpose well into the future. Does the desk have drawers to store all your bits and bobs? Shelves to neatly arrange your files, picture frame, and your favourite plant? Is it the right height for the dining chair you’ve been eyeing for such an occasion? Perhaps you need to buy a new chair to compliment the desk. These are all points worth considering. It is very important to consider how ergonomic your choice is if you will be working from home for long periods at a time.

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Step 4



Having your items placed in the most optimal positions of your workspace will mean you can be more efficient. Ensure that your cables are neatly grouped or wound around a desk leg. Keep it clutter free and remember that less is more.


Step 5


Whether you choose to go for a clean and minimal look or you decide to go all out, remember that a beautiful workspace will make you happier and improve your productivity. Make it your own space with all the creature comforts that bring out the best in you. Comfort is key.

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